From our Clients…

Executive Coaching & Consulting

“After just two sessions into our engagement we were on a new and better path - the perspective Devon brought was truly the breath of fresh air we needed.”

- Client, Silicon Valley

“As a type-A overachiever, I have always focused on the career move I thought “should” be next, even if that led to my taking on roles that left me feeling stressed out and uninspired. Devon was the one who helped me to realize that an alternative was possible, which felt like a gigantic light going off in my head. More, she’s helped me to identify the small steps I can take on a daily basis to make that end state a reality - and patiently but clearly pointed out when I was needlessly throwing obstacles in my own way. It’s more than a little terrifying, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am taking control of my life and working towards the career and life that I really want.”

- Chief Product Officer, New York


“…a well-planned, organized trek, where your job is to simply open your eyes, take in your environs, and find your comfortable pace.  And then there’s the release – a feeling by the end - that I could conquer any challenge ahead of me, physically or intellectually, with new insights and skills learned on the way.”

- Head of Marketing, East Coast

“Devon encourages you to do something that pushes you. You have to believe in yourself & challenge yourself, but Devon inspires you to keep going and makes it achievable. She is highly intuitive and is able to drive a true stretch experience where you are moved by the beauty of nature, and what you now know you’re capable of.”

-Head of Data Services, Denver CO

“Devon’s on point questions and insightful points of view helped me build clarity that had felt clouded for so long before the journey.”

- Chief Marketing Officer, East Coast

“There is something really empowering and freeing about traveling minimally with everything you really need on your back. ”

- Business Development Director , Midwest